Wood Countertops

The natural beauty of crafted wood is unsurpassed for its warmth and versatility. Designers everywhere are rediscovering the unique cachet and richness of wood as a signature piece or as a complement to their overall design scheme. Not only are wood countertop surfaces durable, but they retain their appeal year after year. 

We only use the highest grade and quality hardwood. We work with various types of wood species such as walnut, hickory, maple, oak, ash and many others.


The main reason to choose a solid wood countertop for your kitchen is its natural beauty that works well with almost all the styles, whether it is antique, traditional or modern. Wood countertops can give warmth to any kitchen not only due to their natural appearance but to the touch as well. Solid wood countertops are the perfect addition to any home.


Whether you want to remodel your kitchen with a wood island countertop or you are working on a new millwork project, give us a call!

Butcher Blocks

Dating back to the 1830’s, butcher block was initially used in butcher shops as a durable, reliable work surface for cutting and chopping meats. Today, however, butcher block has made its way into many homes across America. The beautiful and rich look of a butcher block is often the focal point in today’s modern kitchen. Available in different finishes and wood grains, butcher blocks have many benefits over traditional counter top materials, such as, granite, marble, laminate, or corian. In addition to its natural beauty, a butcher block is relatively easy to maintain, provides an extremely durable work surface, and, as an added bonus, is naturally resistant to bacteria, making it the ideal work surface for food preparation. Whether used as a cutting or chopping board, as a top for an island or as a complete set of kitchen countertops, butcher block is a natural choice for everlasting satisfaction. Our butcher block countertops are quality made with sturdy construction to your specifications.

Crafted Tables

We specialize in natural live edge solid wood slabs for dining, living room, home office, and custom wood tables for residential, restaurants and commercial offices.


Our handcrafted, original products come from sustainably harvested forests and residential tree removals. Every piece from Competitive Woodcraft is designed and crafted to accentuate the natural beauty and raw power of these slabs and turn them into your next heirloom piece. Every piece of furniture has a story and a past. It’s our goal to preserve as much of that story as possible and pass it on to you.


We offer many different sizes, shapes and species of wood. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Dining Tables

Solid wood dining tables are a timeless staple that will elevate any home. At Competitive Woodcraft, we offer handcrafted dining tables with a farmhouse style. We allow you to select the finish(es) of your piece to create a truly custom wood dining table. We craft each of our pieces by hand, right here in the U.S.A. Find a dining table that fits your style today!

Coffee Tables

Each custom coffee tables are made to order, by hand, using traditional and modern woodworking techniques. We provide a range of options, from simple, classic styles to more elaborate versions.

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